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The Divine Runs Through Me As Me...


Catherine Heymsfeld

Catherine uses a multifaceted spiritual and life coaching approach towards helping her Clients’ find a sense of wholeness, empowerment, inner peace and self-actualization.


A natural born Intuitive, Catherine was made aware of her gifts at the age of 9, when she realized she could see auras. She began to study astrology, psychic phenomena and the Clairs — (voyance sentience, audience and cognizance) as well as other ancient natural healing practices.


At the age of 20, Catherine, received her first Tarot deck and began to study this ancient oracle and how to utilize it for self-empowerment and spiritual growth. Around the same time, Catherine found her first crystal and became intimately familiar with their healing properties.


 Over the years, as Catherine has walked her own healing journey; and in that process has become more connected to the spiritual realm. Personal losses and traumas that she experienced over many lifetimes led her to seek her own healing through various therapeutic, holistic, self-help and spiritual pathways.


Catherine's awareness that her purpose was to help others became clear early on in her journey. Initially it manifested in a more traditional career path of clinical social work. Between 1989-2020 Catherine worked as a social worker and therapist in a variety of community, mental health, private practice and non-profit settings.  


In 2017, Catherine started her Spiritual/Life Coaching Practice and Psychic Mediumship/Healing Business.  

As a Spiritual/Life Coach, Catherine assists her clients in building a toolbox to help them cope with the stressors of their daily lives. Spiritual coaches work on root causes of issues, rather than merely eliminating symptoms and behaviors. 

Spiritual/Life Coaches act as guides to assist their clients in fully actualizing their greatest potential and achieving their dreams. To this end, clients will increase their ability to make decisions and choices regarding life transitions; healthy relationships; career, etc. and to respond in their life to challenges rather than react.


Catherine's personal spiritual path has included studying with many Masters on the topics of Meditation; Yoga; Past Life Regression; Akashic Records; Healing with Angels; Energy Work; Chakra Clearing and Balancing; Science of Mind; Kabbalah; Kambo; and Plant Medicine. 


In her sessions, Catherine channels to connect to Divine Source and her Guides. She receives information and guidance to assist her clients with connecting to their higher selves. Through channelled readings and mediumship sessions, Catherine connects to people’s loved one’s who have passed on, their past lives, karmic issues and soul contracts.  It is in making these connections that clients' experience healing and integration between their higher, younger, and shadow selves. 


Catherine's ultimate passion is that in helping her clients self-actualize and heal -the planet heals.

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I am Peaceful, I am Grounded, I am Full of Light and Love

The Divine is My Source. I am Divinely Protected

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