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Seeking Guidance and Support for your Relationships, Career or Any Other Life Question?


Ready to Level Up and Align with Your Higher Self?


Wanting to Clear Out the Effects Past Traumas?


Interested in Living Out Your Dreams and Finding Your Life's True Purpose?


Thinking You Have Spiritual Gifts but Aren't Sure How to Use Them? 


Wanting to Connect to Your Spirit Guides or a Loved One Who Has Passed On?


Interested in Learning More About Your Past Lives and Soul Contracts?


Wondering if Sacred Plant Medicine Can Help in Your Healing Journey?


Trying to Integrate a Recent Plant Medicine Experience or Spiritual Crisis?


Needing to Clear Old Energies and Entities and Bless Your Home?


Looking for a Spiritualist to Officiate your Spiritual Union, Healing Ceremony or Spiritual Event?


Wanting a Psychic Medium to Wow your Guests at your Next Party or Event?



Find Your Divine Connection

Achieve Greater Self-Actualization; Manifest Your Dreams; Transform Old Programming and Negative Core Beliefs; Improve Your Relationship with Yourself and Others; Heal From Past Traumas; Connect to Your Guides; DevelopYour Spiritual Gifts; Understand and Clear Soul and Karmic Contracts;; Help Raise the Overall Planetary Vibration



Live Your Most Fulfilling and Purposeful Life

Through Spiritual Coaching; Plant Medicine; Psychic Mediumship; and Sacred Ceremony, I will Guide, Teach and Empower you to connect to your higher self and psychic gifts. In the Process we will work towards your greatest good by healing from any blocks that are keeping you from fully connecting to Divine Source and your highest expression of yourself. When we raise our individual vibration, the vibration of the entire planet increases-- bringing more joy, peace, happiness and ultimately more LOVE to the world.


Catherine is able to help people discover the magic that may be dormant within them. I am proof of that--she changed my life.I started seeing Catherine in July of 2019. I was really struggling mentally. I was worn out, exhausted, sad, on edge all the time. I had been to counseling many times over the years. Nothing ever helped. I was just given medication (that steadily increased over the years). No one ever wanted to treat my soul. I didn’t realize that my soul was what hurt so badly. Within just a few sessions, she was able to identify the root cause of the majority of my issues. The best part? They were causes I had never even thought to consider. With her guiding me, we processed the trauma we knew was part of the issue. After that, we started working on my soul. I had no idea I had any spiritual gifts other than being an empath. Turns out, I’m not bipolar, I’m a highly sensitive empath. I had been on meds for almost 20 years that I didn’t even need. I stopped the meds, started learning to have a daily meditation practice, and really got into crystals. At her suggestion, I started looking into reiki in order to help honing in my intuition. I received my reiki master certification in December of 2019. I continued to see Catherine as a mentor to help with the spiritual side of myself as it all exploded at once, especially when I stopped taking the meds I didn’t need. We took it a small step at a time. We also started tackling my mediumship abilities. I have been working on that for months as it used to really scare me, and she gave me the tools to overcome that fear. She is an unbelievably talented, gifted, kind soul.

Catherine has been such a life changer for my daughters and I. I began seeing Catherine via facetime after my two daughters encouragement. We each had different reasons for working with Catherine. She has helped me to let go of people and experiences, moving on to be so grateful for my life and the people that I love. Thank you so much Catherine for your wisdom, encouragement and care.


Catherine always made me leave our sessions with so much tranquility and a lot of love. Her loving and caring energy is what we need more in this world. No matter what I was going through or how confused I was at the moment our sessions always gave me so much peace. Catherine represented the angel that I so much needed in those difficult moments of my life. 


Catherine has an innate ability to meet her clients needs with her combination of compassion, integrity, and gifts. She is at once very professional and real, blending her years of traditional education/experience with her Shamanic/Spiritual modalities. 


 I am a better person because of the work Catherine and I did.  My family and friends are blown away by the progress I have made. Catherine is a wonderful person and I cannot stress how much she has changed my life. Thank you so much!!!


I have noticeable, tangible results in my life from the changes Catherine helped me work through and make. This woman educated me (and my daughter) with the tools to work through life's chaos after suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, trauma, childhood trauma, physical and domestic abuse etc. I would not be who I am today successfully running two businesses and healthier than I have ever been if it was not for Catherine's ability to work with others in the capacity she does. Catherine is an imperative and crucial component to the forward movement and progression of the people in her community. 


Catherine has empowered me to heal. She gives me courage, and understanding. I leave appointments having the tools to carry 

me through life. If you’re ready to do the real work, she is the guidance you need. 


I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Catherine. She is good vibes all the way — kind, intelligent, empathetic and non judgmental. Catherine is an amazing listener. She will help you process things and teach you strategies to get unstuck. I highly recommend Catherine to anyone who wants to be a better version of themselves!


Catherine is my savior! I have been with her for two years now. I often reflect back at the person I was before her guidance, and found without working through issues I had stuffed deep inside I would not be the woman I am today.  I am such a happier, healthier person.  I am a new woman!  And still growing!

She offered many different practices of releasing the pain I had been carrying and I personally accepted everything she offered.

I love her. She has changed my life. I AM a shiny penny!

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