Catherine Heymsfeld

Spiritual/Life Coach/Psychic Medium//Healer​


Seeking Guidance and Support for your Relationships, Career or Any Other Life Question?

Ready to Level Up and Align with Your Higher Self?

Wanting to Clear Out the Effects Past Traumas?

Interested in Living Out Your Dreams and Finding Your Life's True Purpose?

Thinking You Have Spiritual Gifts but Aren't Sure How to Use Them? 

Wanting to Connect to Your Spirit Guides or a Loved One Who Has Passed On?

Interested in Learning More About Your Past Lives and Soul Contracts?

Wondering if Sacred Plant Medicine Can Help in Your Healing Journey?

Trying to Integrate a Recent Plant Medicine Experience or Spiritual Crisis?

Needing to Clear Old Energies and Entities and Bless Your Home?

Looking for a Spiritualist to Officiate your Spiritual Union, Healing Ceremony or Spiritual Event?

Wanting a Psychic Medium to Wow your Guests at your Next Party or Event?



Find Your Divine Connection

Achieve Greater Self-Actualization; Manifest Your Dreams; Transform Old Programming and Negative Core Beliefs; Improve Your Relationship with Yourself and Others; Heal From Past Traumas; Connect to Your Guides; DevelopYour Spiritual Gifts; Understand and Clear Soul and Karmic Contracts;; Help Raise the Overall Planetary Vibration


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Live Your Most Fulfilling and Purposeful Life

Through Spiritual Coaching; Plant Medicine; Psychic Mediumship; and Sacred Ceremony, I will Guide, Teach and Empower you to connect to your higher self and psychic gifts. In the Process we will work towards your greatest good by healing from any blocks that are keeping you from fully connecting to Divine Source and your highest expression of yourself. When we raise our individual vibration, the vibration of the entire planet increases-- bringing more joy, peace, happiness and ultimately more LOVE to the world.